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Cities of tomorrow, An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design in the Twentieth Century

Présentation de l'éditeur

“Cities of Tomorrow remains the definitive story of modern Euro-American planning. The seamless integration of new information and perspectives in this latest edition reaffirms its status as a classic, compelling and extraordinarily readable synthesis.” Robert Freestone, University of New South Wales

"Peter Hall’s new edition of Cities of Tomorrow is better than ever. With extraordinary skill he weaves the separate strands of planning of the last century into a rich tapestry that vividly displays its intricate links, perceptively portrays the foundations of today’s profession yet cleverly reveals the field’s enduring questions and concerns. To do this in one volume is a work of genius!" Genie Birch, University of Pennsylvania

This classic history of modern urban planning has now been updated for the new century with a third edition. Cities of Tomorrow is an excellent guide to the urban development of the 20th century, and a good platform from which to view the evolution of the 21st. Amanda Huron, Urban Land


Auteur : Peter Hall.

Editeur : Blackwell

Date de publication : 2002

Nombre de pages : 576

ISBN : 0631232524

ISBN 13 : 978-0631232520

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